List of Chapters

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Chapter 1 – My Story

How did a 42-year old woman get into fetish modeling? And WHY?

Chapter 2 – What Does it Take to be a Fetish Model?

Figuring out if you have “the stuff”

Chapter 3 – Potential Dealbreakers to Consider Before You Start (Excerpt)

The Internet has changed the fetish industry, for better or worse. Potential models should be aware of the pitfalls (for example, having your image globally accessible for all eternity)

Chapter 4 – Decisions to Make Before You Start Modeling

For example, what rates will you charge? What are your limits? Great advice in this chapter on how to figure a lot of things out in advance.

Chapter 5 – Creating a Portfolio  (Excerpt)

Simple guidelines on choosing good photographers to work with to build a compelling portfolio that will GUARANTEE you paid work in the future.

Chapter 6 – Looking for Work

Tons of links in this chapter of websites, as well as offline sources, to help you hustle for modeling jobs. Also includes many tips on how to stay safe.

Chapter 7 – Before the Shoot

You finally booked paid work!! Now, how do you prepare?

Chapter 8 – During the Shoot

Provides lots of information on what to expect at a photo shoot and how to make a good impression with the photographer.

Chapter 9 – Miscellanous Note

(Includes a special section about how to handle the “dreaded GWC”)

Addendum – Tons of helpful links and suggestions about how to make money when paid shoots are slow.

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