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Testimonials from Photographers and Models

“Pandora Jones’ writing is superb.  I don’t think I could have gone through my last trip to Tampa without a well-read digital copy of The Happy Damsel in Distress: Your guide to becoming a successful fetish model.  It saved me from hours of boredom waiting for my connecting flight in Atlanta (and also waiting to get picked up from the Tampa airport.)  I have a copy of it saved on both my Android phone *and* my 8GB thumb drive so I can reference it from time to time for the amateur models I sometimes work with.  ClaireV (one of my younger models) finds it fascinating and informative.”

-Shakeshift, Producer for League of Amazing Women

“An absolute must read..scroll and purchase this guide..not only is it a must for any aspiring fetish model, I would say it is a must have to anyone looking into the entertainment business in general. Pandora’s guide can be applied to any type of modeling and acting. She gives detailed instructions,tips and most importantly a safety checklist when dealing with perspectives in the industry. The book is well written and filled with tons of information, including modeling casting call links, a major plus.

I have read the book from front to end and now will start referring to it step by step, I am confident that only great things will come out of this purchase…get your copy today.” 

-Monica Giraldo, Aspiring Model

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By Timothy Knox

Amazon Verified Purchase
“I am not (nor do I plan to ever be) a fetish model, but simple curiosity led me to check out the book. Ms Jones gives us a nice look at what it takes to be a successful fetish model, as well as giving us an inside look at the “biz.” Many people probably don’t realise what all is involved in modelling, let alone fetish modelling. But after reading this, I feel I understand about as well as a non-model can.”
By Jay A

Amazon Verified Purchase
Over the years I’ve known several models and did a little modeling myself, I found Ms. Jones’ book to be very well written, clear, concise and brimming with information for the aspiring fetish model. For anyone interested in becoming a fetish model, or just curious about fetish modeling this is a must read.

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